A major event during the 1970’s was the Cold War. The Cold War could be defined as a nonbelligerent confrontation between the United States and the Soviet Union. Even when Franklin D. Roosevelt, Truman, and Joseph Stalin merged to defeat the Nazis, they still did not agree or like each other and there was a lot of mistrust. Stalin was angry that the United States would not share nuclear innovation with the USSR. He was also upset with the fact that Roosevelt would not recognize the Bolshevik. The United States was determined to spread the belief of democracy throughout the world. The United States and the Soviet Union both had much on the line that was worth losing; consequently each country would do whatever it took to win the struggle. They knew that the best solution would be to join once again to achieve there goal of limiting capitalism but they both would not take the chance of trusting each other. The USSR and the United States both knew what dangers would come from a nuclear war so they did everything in their power to stop the dispute from amplifying. For example Truman refused to use nuclear weapons on China and Korea and Eisenhower chose to stay out of the Hungarian Revolution. In 1991 the USSR started to break up into smaller republics and the war slowly started to come to an end.

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